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Canvas Management Group’s Soccer Management services provides prospective clients with opportunities in Major League Soccer, United Soccer League, as well as an avenue to the international game.

CMG Soccer was created with the core principle that every player is characterized as a blank canvas with endless possibilities. Each step in our client’s career represents a stroke on the canvas. Our unique vision is to equip professional and aspiring youth athletes with the proper tools to achieve their career goals. Not only is it important to provide these tools, we believe it is essential to work with the client as they paint their canvas in order to complete the full picture. With CMG Soccer, clients will enjoy support from dedicated professionals who will be there with every stride. The main office of Canvas Management Group Soccer is located in Los Angeles, California which is overseen by US Football Director, Darlington Omeni.

The team at CMG Soccer operates as an independent agency. While many agencies are focused solely on shareholder profits, we have a greater level of autonomy in helping clients reach their chosen career and lifetime aspirations. The growing success at CMG Soccer stems from the ethos of inclusion rather than exclusion. Therefore, we regard it as imperative to include the client in all facets of the decision making process in their professional and personal lives, from youth level and beyond. CMG Soccer utilizes the global network of Canvas Management Group to present new and existing clients to services that include branding, legal, marketing, and transfer opportunities in Europe and abroad. CMG Soccer emerges as the best choice for players who require a dedicated team to maximise their soccer and financial potential to reach the pinnacle of success.

  • Darlington Omeni
    Darlington Omeni U.S. Football Director

    Darlington – a Canvas Management Group co-founder – is based in New York and oversees the US operations. His experience in football spans from being a player and scout. Due to his scouting background, his expertise lies in discovering new and upcoming talents in order to recruit some of the best young players around the world. Darlington has extensive contacts and works closely with a number of Major League Soccer and United Soccer League clubs. Darlington is a licensed intermediary in the United States. He speaks fluent English, Igbo and Spanish, in addition to basic French.

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