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Canvas Management Group is a full service football management agency.

Our vision is to provide a client the necessary tools to achieve their desired goals, but to also work with them as they paint their canvas. We’re dedicated to the individual representation of our clients in both their personal and professional development.

Our football intermediaries assist clubs at all levels with the identification and placement of professional and youth footballers. The expert football consultants of Canvas have close contacts with heads of recruitment, managers, directors and other partner agencies throughout the UK, Scandinavia, Spain, France, North America, and elsewhere. This network provides consistent opportunities to place clients, at any age, with the most suitable club for them.

The experienced FA and United States registered Intermediaries at Canvas Management Group have the understanding and tact necessary to negotiate deals for our clients.
Footage is key to marketing yourself. The team at Canvas offers video recording and editing services, including for raw footage. Our goal in providing this service is to capture moments that showcase players’ talent and skills in the most positive light. We believe that football players should take advantage of their chance to shine. The combination of your ideas and our knowledge of scout expectations will produce the perfect reel. This tool will aide in securing collegiate offers or professional contracts.
Canvas has cultivated great relationships with brands in an array of industries. Through our network of global contacts in television, fashion, podcasts, magazines, technology, and newspapers, we align our clients with the best possible sponsorship, endorsement and media contracts. Additionally, we work alongside our clients to design and implement strategies to increase client earnings. We aim to maximise and protect our clients’ personal brand development as we guide them towards successful careers after football.

We are always open to working with new partners. Prospective commercial and media partners are invited to contact us to discuss business inquiries.
“We will provide you the tools for every step as you paint your canvas.”

Professional Counseling

With our tailor-made panoramic counseling we will have you covered in every step. Be it on the field, off the field, health and wellness, or philanthropic work, the experts at Canvas will be there to guide you along the way. Our task is to help you reach your fullest potential. While each canvas will be different, the process remains the same: committed and diligent hard work by the client and Canvas staff. Side by side, we will study and enhance all facets of your life, from in-depth education and training on nutrition to innovative exercises and practices to prevent injuries.

  • Goals — What are your short term and long term goals?
  • Branding — What advertising and marketing opportunities are in line with my values? How can I manage my social media presence?
  • Contractual Negotiations — We will be present to ensure successful contractual negotiations.
  • Transfer and Contract Management — Contract must clearly illustrate the terms discussed and negotiated.
  • Media — How am I perceived in the media? What do I want to show the media?
  • Personal Life
    • Asset Building
    • Support — Our dedicated staff at Canvas will be there to provide instrumental support for any tasks that you prefer assistance to complete. Our goal is to allow you to focus on the pitch, worry free
    • Crisis — Unexpected issues will arise. We will be there to help you handle them.
  • Holistic Health — Sometimes we forget that our well-being is not just physical. As part of the Canvas family, we strive to promote contentment with your physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of health.
  • Personal Training — What do I need to do to reach my defined goals?
  • Prevention — What can I do to prevent injuries?
  • Charity — What causes are important to me? How can I make a difference?
  • Personal Training — What do I need to do to reach my defined goals?
  • Prevention — What can I do to prevent injuries?

Talent Counseling

It is all about turning talented youth players into pros. To facilitate this process, our job is to ensure that our players are prepared with all the tools they need in their kit.

Scouting — Canvas works only with the best and most talented young players. The scouting department’s job is to find them.
At Canvas, one of our very first objectives as a firm was to seek and create partnerships with the best grassroot academies around. We are proud to have a direct relationship with Lambeth Tigers, a renowned grassroots academy in London. Along with Lambeth, we are excited to have a partnership with Pass Move Grin, the leading grassroots academy in Nottingham in East Midlands, England. Finally, Canvas has a direct link to Selhurst Academy, for young footballers aged 16-23 years that wish to return to the academy system. Selhurst Academy is a grassroots academy that trains weekly and provides fixtures against professional academies across England, leading to trials and signings for many of the players associated with Selhurst.

The objective of the aforementioned partnerships is to create avenues for players that have expressed interest in going back into a professional academy. Our contacts paired with the exceptional coaching of our selected academies, consistently provide opportunities to reintegrate players into the professional game.

“Our focus is understanding how you want your legacy to be left and implementing a plan to get there.”


Joy Mukeno

Joy Mukena

Began his career with Tottenham Hotspur, but moved to Watford in 2017, where he turned professional. He was named on the bench for the senior team’s 4-1 win over Chelsea on 5 February 2018.

April 2017


Junior Ogedi Uzokwe

Junior Ogedi-Uzokwe

He was a member of the youth teams at Leyton Orient, Ilford & Millwall. In 2017, he joined Isthmian League North Division club Maldon & Tiptree where he scored 34 goals in 34 games. This earned him a contract with English Football League.

January 2018

Colchester United

  • Jeff Boateng
    Jeff Boateng U.K. Football Director

    Jeff, the UK Football Director, also co-founded Canvas Management Group. Born and bred in London, he has plied his trade at various levels in football. Jeff began his career as a player scout for a number of clubs. Years on, he has gained extensive contacts and earned favour within professional football ranks in Europe and the US, as well. Jeff is now a FA registered intermediary, working directly with some of the finest young footballers in the country.

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